Seaside Inflation





We all know that the economy has been through a difficult few years recently what with the collapse of Wall Street banking institutions, the liquidation of British high street stores that have helped shape our nation into what it has become today, depriving future generations of the traditional Woolworths pic’n’mix and most recently revelations that senior executives in the one of the highest banks in Britain have been fixing “mate’s rates” in exchange for a glass of bubbly. 

However for me, the economic struggle and harshness our country has battled through the depths of depravity to desperately overcome is best epitomized by the tragic loss of “Tenby’s £1 Shop”. This seaside mecca for children holidaying in West Wales has been replaced by “Tenby’s £1.20 Shop.”  Although this may seem trivial to those of you who have not grown up looking forward to that Summer trip to Tenby where one has the opportunity to gorge oneself on ice cream sundaes that are bigger than one’s head, sit on the beach shivering in shorts and a t-shirt, and speculating that monkeys, not monks, live on Caldey Island, a trip to the £1 shop was high on the list of things to do in Tenby.  With £5.00 hastily stuffed in my pocket, a gift from my grandparents, I often raced towards the store to explore what amazingly wonderful item I could pick up with my great sum of money.  5 pounds meant 5 things, and the materialistic child that drove me saw a treasure chest of items on which I could afford to splurge and purchase whatever I wanted.  Alas, a whole generation shall grow up having only four items of plastic beach souvenirs which break momentarily after leaving the shop and the burden of £0.20 in change from that crisp £5 note. 

I shall greatly miss the legacy that was the “Tenby £1 Shop” and am unashamed to resent the additional £0.20.  But I guess that is inflation for you ladies and gentlemen. 


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