London 2012!

The Hayes, Cardiff, Wales.  Sunday August 12th 2012.

The Hayes, Cardiff, Wales.  Sunday August 12th 2012.

How did you celebrate the end of the Games of the XXX Olympiad?

My flatmate and I packed a flask, two cupcakes, a blanket, our fabulous Official Programme Seller London 2012 coats (Did I forget to mention I spent the last 2 weeks selling programmes at the Olympic football matches in Cardiff!? AWESOME JOB!) and headed into Cardiff city centre to watch the closing ceremony on the big screen that has shown events since the Opening Ceremony.  We joined our fellow city dwellers and watched in awe as our tiny island once again astonished the world with a spectacular show of the best of British culture.  The Spice Girls, Queen, Eric Idle and many more icons of the British entertainment industry participated in what can only be described as a magnificent display of every reason why we should be proud to be British!  The UK is a tiny island, and yet we are the home nation of some of the greatest musical talents, dancers, and athletes in the world!  I feel very privileged to be able to call myself British!

“Inspire a generation.”

In my opinion Sebastian Coe has succeeded in achieving his aim for London 2012.  The Olympics have definitely inspired me!  Volunteering projects, educational projects, and sporting projects have all received an official “Inspire” stamp and through these projects London 2012 Inspire Project has shown a generation how to dream, and that it takes hard work in order to achieve that dream and make it a reality.  The important question to ask yourself is not how can I find inspiration, but what can I do to inspire?

Sport is a universal language, and the unity that the Olympic Games has brought to every participating nation is admirable.  Political and cultural differences aside, everyone has come together to celebrate athletic ability without discrimination which is an incredible achievement.  This honourable sportsmanship displayed by all nations at the Olympics is one which should extend beyond just the realm of international sporting competitions, and hopefully future generations will be inspired to extend this into every aspect of modern day society.

This year has been an amazing year to be British, and I am extremely proud to call myself a Brit!



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