Road Trip to the Grand Canyon (Part 1)

Road tripping to the Grand Canyon through the beautiful Arizona desert in a Mustang convertible definitely rates as one of the best days of my life so far!   The car was oh so beautiful and stylish – and suited four fabulously cosmopolitan women beautifully!  Little did we realise how uncomfortable the cream leather interior would become under the heat driving through the desert, and how badly a convertible handled off-roading, but more on that later!

Before we had even left the car park I knew that this day was going to be one that I would fondly remember for the rest of my life!  The day started with a bang, as my friend forgot that automatic cars don’t have a clutch and accidentally slammed on the breaks, causing strategically placed sunglasses to fall onto our shocked faces! Who knew driving an automatic could be so confusing!? The gear stick was labelled with letters rather than numbers, some of which were simply incomprehensible to us British drivers! American readers, please could you enlighten me as to what “S” means and what it is used for!?

Convertible top down we made our way out onto the highway, the adventure had begun!  I didn’t quite realise how windy it would be when sat in the back of a convertible going 65mph on the I-215!  Thankfully I was prepared for anything on this trip, and my new scarf, packed in case of getting stranded in the desert overnight (I hear it gets quite cold…), doubled up brilliantly as a device for keeping my hair covered and out of the wind!  Bird’s nest hair that hasn’t been styled doesn’t look good on anyone – fact.

A quick pit stop at Walmart was essential before the big drive in order to stock up on some good old H2O, fresh Californian fruit (the blueberries were the best I have ever tasted in my life!), and a super sized bag of Cheetos in preparation for potentially breaking down and becoming stranded in the desert.  Then we were off, with nothing but a flimsy paper map from the desk clerk at the car rental place, the road, and an awesome playlist to get us to our destination!

To be cont…


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