Road Trip to the Grand Canyon (Part 4)

The Arizona the desert really wasn’t as barren as I thought it would be.  Where I was imagining large expanses of dusty landscape with nothing but miles of sand dunes as far as my eyes could see, the landscape was actually rather green, and full of life.  We hit a Joshua Tree Forest on the drive back which was an amazing place.  The cacti weren’t anything like the cartoon standard cactus branded into children’s untarnished minds, but more akin to a tree in height, with what looked like leaves on the end of the branches.  These trees wouldn’t have looked totally out of place in the UK!  The branches of the cacti spiralled away from the main branch of the plant in the most unusual interesting shapes that suggested the agility of a human limb!

We were stopped in the desert gazing at these extraordinary trees for around an hour.  In that space of time, a handful of cars passed us!  It was insane; we were literally the only people in that area.  At one point, my friend just lay down in the middle of the road for a rest.  The silence was so overwhelming that it became deafening, and at one point I managed to convince myself I could hear a rattle snake!  We quickly snapped a few photos on the Mustang (it just had to be done!) and then we were on our way back to Las Vegas making the most of riding in the back of a convertible with the roof down even if it was slightly windy!

The sun setting against this beautiful scenery made for some fabulous imagery.  The sun set bathed the desert in the most glorious colourful light with dusky pinks, oranges and even purples!  The array of colours was outstandingly stunning, and it just served to highlight the natural beauty of our surroundings.  My favourite view of the day was undoubtedly the silhouette of the mountainous landscape against the dusky blue sky just before the sun finally set on the best day of the holiday!

The beautiful sunset!

Starving hungry we got back to Vegas and pulled up to an International House of Pancakes (IHOP) to munch on some pancakes before bed.  It was only at this point that the unsuitability of the car that we had chosen for the journey that we’d made became truly evident.  The Mustang was covered in a layer of sand, and horrendously dirty!  The pristine car that we had picked up over 12 hours ago no longer existed, and it looked as though we had battered this vehicle beyond recognition.  Concerned that we would be charged a hell of a lot of money for returning the car in this unsightly condition, we hurriedly scraped together a plan to clean the car.  Using hand towels smuggled from IHOP’s bathroom, and the melted ice in the water box we frantically wiped down the car with wet paper towels, using dry paper towels to shine the car after the sand had been removed.  Picture the scene; it was totally ridiculous!  The hilarity of the situation was not lost on us, and we were cleaning the Mustang in hysterics in the car park of the International House of Pancakes!

For me this was without any shadow of a doubt the BEST day of the holiday! I feel so lucky to have had this experience, and would one hundred percent recommend to any one that you make this journey.  You won’t regret it, and you’ll come out of it with hundreds of fabulous memories.  That’s what life is for, living! So go, LIVE!


5 thoughts on “Road Trip to the Grand Canyon (Part 4)

    1. I’d be more than happy for you to post the photo (explicit consent – I’m a law student!) but I’d really appreciate it if you could put a link to the blog post in the photo caption so your followers know where it came from. It was such an awesome trip 🙂 I love the theme of your blog too! A very clever, and universal idea! It’s amazing!

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