Liberal Apology

I think I can safely assume that all you Brits out there have seen this great auto-tuned remix of Nick Clegg apologizing for making empty promises in order to get votes.  I am one of those people who was disappointed and angry, that the Liberal Democrats didn’t keep their promise.  My status as a student was ruthlessly exploited with promises of lower fees in order to gain votes, and I feel as though my vote was wasted.  It’s only purpose was contributing to one of the strangest coalition governments our country has ever known.

Ironically, the Liberal Democrats have acted in a completely contradictory way than was promised in their election manifesto and have made Higher Education more elusive and inaccessible to those from lower income backgrounds.  Wake up and smell the imported coffee Cleggy, and Cameron for that matter, we don’t live in the 1800s anymore where only the rich and privileged get the chance to go to university.  Evolution.  Maybe it’s time that both these parties accepted change?

I love this remix, and applaud Mr Clegg for allowing the single to be released with the profits going to charity (even though it is blatantly a PR move to increase the popularity of the Lib Dems in the wake of their lies).  It’s all well and good apologizing, but as my parents have always taught me, an apology is empty if you don’t mean it!  I hope Cleggy has learned from his mistakes.  I’ve definitely learned from mine, and won’t waste my vote in the future! Besides I don’t know who I was kidding, the South Wales Valleys are Labour through and through!


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