Party like a Prince!

Las Vegas:  possibly one of the best places I have ever partied.  And, believe it or not, the cheapest place we went out!  That was thanks to my friend, Mr Club Promoter.  A chance meeting in the pool led to my friends and I being added to Guest Lists and getting free club entry every night we went out!  Nights out at Pure, and Tao filled up the weekend, and we even got the chance to party at the hotel everyone’s favourite royal, Prince Harry, called home during his short stay!

I would definitely say that being a woman in Las Vegas really pays.  Every night the free entry was without any doubt because of the face that we had boobs.  Once we had been ushered into the club ahead of the queue, we were then gifted with an open bar.  Almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it!?  For us women it was great; but not so much for the men… The distinction between the sexes was so extreme that even the colour of your cup corresponded to your sex, with pink cups for the girls, and clear cups for the boys.  If a man was seen with a pink cup, it was unceremoniously snatched away from his grasp as we were shocked to learn when my friend kindly gave an extra drink to a guy.

The clubs were so different from any club I’ve ever frequented!  Rather than sticking to the floor with each step and avoiding sitting down on alcohol covered seats at all costs, the clubs were luxuriously decorated and just so snazzy.  Pure boasted an amazing rooftop bar, with a fabulous view of the strip.  It was simply incredible to be partying with the strip lit up in the background.

The view from Pure

I have to say that my favourite place of all was TAO at The Venetian.  It was so luxurious and, dare I say it of a place that people go to get absolutely drunk off their faces, really quite classy!  There were bathtubs filled with water and rose petals, and a rooftop pool with cabanas to chill and when your feet just can’t take the pain of 5 inch heels any longer!  It was such a relief from being a sardine on the dance floor, and still insanely warm in the nights.   There were even Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics going on with women swinging across the room on ropes!  It was definitely one of the best clubbing experiences I’ve ever had.

View from Tao taken with Instagram

If a clubbing holiday is what you’re after there is no better place than Vegas to go.  My holiday package was reasonably priced, and I ended up spending little to no money on nights out, definitely worth it for the high calibre of the clubs, and amazing fun you’ll have partying in Vegas.  After all, it is sin city the original party destination – if you’re going to do something, then do it right!

If it’s good enough for Prince Harry, then it’s not too shabby for me! But remember, no one likes a snitch so what happens in Vegas…


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