Snow? Please?

It’s mid January, my boyfriend has gone off to Norway to have some fun in the snow for a few months/work, I’m piled under a mountain of dissertation research and redrafting, and to top it all off, “Snowmageddon” has yet to arrive!  In the post Christmas blue hue of the new year, where resolutions made in good faith after a bottle or two of Chardonnay have already been broken, not even two weeks in, is it too much to ask for a light dusting of snow Mother Nature?  I think not.  

I mean really, I’m not asking for a miracle; not so much snow that the authorities decide they can’t cope with the “extreme” weather conditions, and Heathrow cancels all flights.  Not even so much snow that all the shops shut, because I’ve not yet had the chance to strip the shelves bare of several loaves of bread in a flurry of panic that I can’t keep in my teeny tiny freezer anyway.  All that is needed is just enough to build a snowman, a snowdog (so the snowman doesn’t get lonely on his own in the nights), and to go sledging down the side of a mountain on an inflatable mattress, inevitably landing face down in the snow.  

Although snow can be inconvenient, what with schools closing and all those children running around throwing poorly constructed snowballs in every direction, it could be just what the nation needs to shake off the January funk! Evidently, snow has positive social implications which we are currently being deprived of by the lack of wintry weather.  

This is what we want to see Mother Nature, a snowy paradise! 


– Nantes, France. February 2012.

It’s time to snow up Britain! 



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