Ode to a Reader

Today I was scrolling through months of unread emails because of my negligent attitude towards this blog over the final months of my degree, and I came across an inspiring email from one of my readers.  She had read a post and truly identified with it, and shared with me her story of bringing together people to benefit from each others support when they have been placed in vulnerable positions.  I would like to commend this woman on her incredibly brave actions of setting up what can only be described as a support network, and encouraging people to work through issues that normally wouldn’t be dealt with so openly.  It takes courage and strength to do something like this, and such inspiring actions must be given credit and recognized.

In the world we currently live in, our lives are dominated by headlines which convey messages of devastation, death and destruction.  What has happened to modern society?  Maybe if more people acted like this woman has, we would not be in such a position.  Marginalizing people and not giving them the required support is sometimes why we wake up each morning to such soul destroying headlines.

We should learn a lesson from others around us, and seek to offer personal support and guidance where we can.  Maybe, just maybe, the small actions of many will change the world.


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