Sparkly Diamond Ring.

It’s been a while since I last posted, and a lot has gone on in the life of Heffwit.  As well as irresponsibly leaving my full time job to return to the poverty stricken life of a student, my wonderful man proposed and we are engaged to be married!  The proposal was amazing, very intimate and included a spectacularly well chosen diamond ring which ticked all the boxes.  He got down on one knee in our kitchen, presented me with the ring and asked me to marry him.  I was slightly confused, curious as to where he had gotten the ring from and wondered if he was serious.  After he had reassured me that this indeed was for real, I couldn’t contain my answer.  YES. YES. My man was going to be my man for the rest of my life and I had this beauty sitting on my finger!!!!


Engagement ring from my wonderful fiancé.
Engagement ring from my wonderful fiancé.

Nearly a year after the proposal we are finally getting around to taking this wedding planning seriously and as you may have guessed, this blog is about to be filled with our experiences of wedding planning both good and bad.  I hope this helps those of you that are starting out on the same journey as us, and gives those of you who haven’t even considered your weddings yet an insight into how best to go about planning, but probably more importantly how not to go about planning!

I hope you enjoy experiencing the process with us through the posts of planning problems to come.  Happy reading!


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