Heffwit has a baby!

So some of you may have clocked my noticeable absence from the blogosphere.  Well that happens to be because of my new presence in the babysphere!

That’s right! In March 2017 I became a mother for the first time to my beautiful son.  He is absolutely gorgeous and has brought more love into mine and my husband’s lives than we could have ever imagined.  I now spend most of my days sat in the same chair breastfeeding, followed by changing countless nappies and outfits!  Needless to say I’m kept busy but have decided to return to blogging to document the new challenges that I am facing.  Not only must I navigate the demands of motherhood which are endless,  but also the demands of a legal career that I am due to begin very shortly.  Whilst I am yet to start my training, I am still eager to ensure that I am able to give my son the love and attention he deserves whilst embarking on the next phase of my career.  Therefore, the majority of this blog is likely to focus on how to balance my role as a mother and a career woman.

However, as I am yet to start training there is plenty of time for mushy baby blog posts and interesting comments from other working mothers who are striking the balance just right!

My little one is stirring so that must be all for now.  And so the challenges begin…Hs-21

Photograph by TC Photography UK.


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