Spa Day Separation

I left my baby for the first time last weekend, and although daunting at first it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I was due to attend a close friend’s hen do and the dilemma of leaving my baby presented itself.  Whilst I had opted to join the ladies for just a spa day rather than the full weekend, I still felt a little uncertain about what it would be like to leave my baby.  After all, since the day he was born I have not been away from him for a prolonged period of time by choice.

With the freezer full of frozen breastmilk, bottles in the steriliser and a pep talk given to my husband, I was dropped to the train station to begin the day.  My husband ushered me away from the car once the goodbyes became excessively long and then I was on my own for the first time in nearly a year; although my baby is only 8 weeks old tomorrow, I consider that from the point that I found out I was pregnant, I was never alone.

It was bliss.

I enjoyed the luxury of reading my book on the train without being interrupted by a crying baby, I was able to eat lunch with two hands as I didn’t need to simultaneously hold or entertain my son and I was able to relax in the calming atmosphere of the spa.  As a side note I would highly recommend that anyone thinking of leaving their child for the first time does so to attend a spa day.  The massage certainly helped me to relax and enjoy myself sans bébé.

This time alone helped me to remember that even though I have taken on this wonderful new role of mother in my life, I am still the person that I have always been.  It was a treat to indulge in a massage and regain a bit of the life I once knew.  It also gave me the chance to recharge my batteries.  It is important for us as mothers to take time for ourselves.  Happy mothers make for happy babies after all!

Whilst it may have been my first day away from the baby, it was also my husband’s first time looking after him alone.  I was sent numerous video and picture updates throughout the day where both my husband and son looked as though they were doing just fine without me.   So after a fantastic first day away, I returned home to a happy husband and baby who had also had an extremely good first day together just the two of them.  Both my husband and I needed this day of firsts to be a win.  Now I feel more confident to leave my son, and my husband feels more confident to care for him alone.

All in all a good first day away.  Although I enjoyed myself and am very glad I took this first step, I doubt that I shall make too much of a habit out of swanning off to the spa solo.  Maybe next time it’ll be the hair salon…


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