Support, Don’t Shame.

Today I had the unfortunate experience of coming across an article in the Daily Mail written by Anna May Mangan shaming the Slummy Mummy movement.  This article doesn’t deserve to receive any additional publicity, and so I am not going to include any links to the article.

However, what is important is to take note of the phenomenon that is encapsulated in the content of the article: mothers shaming other mothers.  Sadly this subject is not limited to the confines of theory, it is very much present in daily life.

I characterise the Slummy Mummy movement as being a truthful depiction of motherhood, outlining the good but expressly sharing the bad and more importantly the ugly.    However, Mangan questions the movement sharing her interpretation that it represents a deceitful view of motherhood and outlining it as a “race to the bottom” amongst mothers.  Mangan even goes as far as to quote mothers who have posted what annoys them most about their children on a Mumsnet discussion board.

Motherhood is a different experience for everyone.  Every child is different.  Ever mother is different.  So how can anybody judge what tools other mothers use to vent the stresses that come with parenthood?  Better to have the thought out there floating around the cyber ether under a usually anonymous screen name, than screaming it directly at your child out of frustration when you’re having a bad day.

We do not need to judge each other for the ways that we find to cope every day. Parenting is difficult, and we probably judge ourselves enough without the input of others.  We need to support each other through the difficult times, and celebrate the good times together.  We know the age old saying, it takes a village.  If half the women in that village are shaming the other half, then what hope is there?

Read this fantastic response written by the author of The Unmumsy Mum.  



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