The ‘Anti-Amazon Law’ Is About To Become A Reality In France, But It’s Not A Bad Thing

A very interesting approach by the French. Attempting to level the playing field and supporting the often forgotten about local bookshop is admirable. If we aren’t careful the art of wandering around a timeless local bookshop, wandering between aisles lined with shelves reaching the sky, searching for an enthralling captivating novel will be lost – how then will we spend a rainy Saturday afternoon?

Ode to a Reader

Today I was scrolling through months of unread emails because of my negligent attitude towards this blog over the final months of my degree, and I came across an inspiring email from one of my readers.  She had read a post and truly identified with it, and shared with me her story of bringing together people to benefit from each others support when they have been placed in vulnerable positions.  I would like to commend this woman on her incredibly brave actions of setting up what can only be described as a support network, and encouraging people to work through issues that normally wouldn’t be dealt with so openly.  It takes courage and strength to do something like this, and such inspiring actions must be given credit and recognized.

In the world we currently live in, our lives are dominated by headlines which convey messages of devastation, death and destruction.  What has happened to modern society?  Maybe if more people acted like this woman has, we would not be in such a position.  Marginalizing people and not giving them the required support is sometimes why we wake up each morning to such soul destroying headlines.

We should learn a lesson from others around us, and seek to offer personal support and guidance where we can.  Maybe, just maybe, the small actions of many will change the world.

Snow? Please?

It’s mid January, my boyfriend has gone off to Norway to have some fun in the snow for a few months/work, I’m piled under a mountain of dissertation research and redrafting, and to top it all off, “Snowmageddon” has yet to arrive!  In the post Christmas blue hue of the new year, where resolutions made in good faith after a bottle or two of Chardonnay have already been broken, not even two weeks in, is it too much to ask for a light dusting of snow Mother Nature?  I think not.  

I mean really, I’m not asking for a miracle; not so much snow that the authorities decide they can’t cope with the “extreme” weather conditions, and Heathrow cancels all flights.  Not even so much snow that all the shops shut, because I’ve not yet had the chance to strip the shelves bare of several loaves of bread in a flurry of panic that I can’t keep in my teeny tiny freezer anyway.  All that is needed is just enough to build a snowman, a snowdog (so the snowman doesn’t get lonely on his own in the nights), and to go sledging down the side of a mountain on an inflatable mattress, inevitably landing face down in the snow.  

Although snow can be inconvenient, what with schools closing and all those children running around throwing poorly constructed snowballs in every direction, it could be just what the nation needs to shake off the January funk! Evidently, snow has positive social implications which we are currently being deprived of by the lack of wintry weather.  

This is what we want to see Mother Nature, a snowy paradise! 


– Nantes, France. February 2012.

It’s time to snow up Britain! 


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

12 Days of Christmas

So it’s been a while since I last blogged, and so much has happened that there is too much to comment on so I’m going to give you a brief overview… I spent a week working at BBC Radio Wales, and it was ah-maz-ing, watched on in dismay as Wales lost every Autumn International Rugby game they played, experienced the stress of life as a final year student at university, and got to grips with the fact that in roughly 6 months I’ll be facing the real world.  Scary stuff!!! Anyway after my halfhearted attempt at an explanation for my absence from the blogosphere, there are more pressing issues to deal with, being that…


The best time of the year as far as I’m concerned! I eagerly awoke on Christmas morning to be greeted by my impatient little sister hurrying me out of bed to open presents, presents and yet more presents.  Spoiled doesn’t begin to cover how lucky I was with my gifts this Christmas and I’d like to thank everyone who gave me a gift for their thoughtfulness.  Whilst dinner was being prepared, I took the opportunity to catch up with the days news and I was disheartened by the fact that several of the BBC’s top stories were about the loss of life, the tragic M6 Crash that resulted in the untimely death of two children, and the brutal murder of a woman in Carmarthen.  The disturbing news made me think about all those people for whom Christmas is a time of grieving and distress, and my heart went out to every person who had the ill fortune of spending this joyful time of year in despair and suffering.  Christmas is a time of giving, not just presents, but giving something to help ease the hardship of others, whether it be a contribution to charity or volunteering at a local homeless shelter to serve food to the homeless.  Christmas isn’t over yet, and there is still a chance to help those who are in desperate need of relief.  This is a plea to the good nature and generosity of everyone who reads this post; if you haven’t yet done your part to help someone less fortunate than yourself this Christmas, there is still time!  After all, there are 12 days of Christmas! 


Congratulations Obama!

Just a quick note to say congratulations to Obama! America have done themselves a service to vote and keep the democrats in power rather than Romney. Although I have more in common with the republican mormon as I am from the same town as his wife’s grandfather, I can’t help but feel that he would have set one of the worlds leading countries back about 50 years! And as Alan Carr cleverly tweeted America couldn’t really have been ‘governed by a man with the same name as an exfoliating glove!’

Tiafi Design

My flatmate recently won the Best of Welsh Design award at the Cardiff Design Festival, and I am so proud that I felt I had to share this wonderful news with everyone!!!

It’s such a great achievement, and a brilliant way to kick off her new business venture Tiafi Design! Check out the website here, it’s really very good!

It takes a lot of courage to start up a new company fresh from graduating, and there is definitely a lesson here! Take that plunge, and just go for it because if you work hard enough, then you can never regret anything.  Don’t spend your days wondering if you should have done this, or what could have happened if you’d done that.  Just do it, because you can never become successful by only thinking about doing it.

Congratulations Roomie, you deserved it!